Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite Photo Monday

My sweet hubby is a great "bringer of flowers,"
so I don't usually buy flowers for myself. 
However, mid-January, I couldn't resist this
bright bunch of daisies discounted at the
grocery store florist.
I brought them home for a little photo shoot,
and this is one of my favorite shots!

I'm linking up with Ewa
for Favourite Photo Monday.
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  1. lovely flower and very nice arrangement :)

  2. how pretty and how wonderful that ya married a floer bringer

  3. I love when I get flowers,my partner is good like that and brings them home as well from time to time, for no reason, just for me :)
    your favourite photo is really lovely, very romantic :)

  4. very pretty. love how you captured it.

  5. That's so great having a 'flower bringer'! :) Everyone should be so lucky...

    It's a lovely photo...such a pretty shade of blue, and so beautifully composed!


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