Monday, October 10, 2011

5:30AM Doesn't Work for Night Owls

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate getting up early?  I know.  "Hate" is a strong word. We always discouraged our kids from using it.  Trust me.  It fits here, and since it is meant against no-one in particular, I've made an executive decision to use it.

Do you "hate" mornings, too?  Or are you a morning person?

I've never been a morning person (just ask my mom, who would call repeatedly up the stairs in the morning to make sure I was up).  I am a night owl by nature -- especially since I became a mama many long years ago...  My goodness, that was when I put the kids to bed, and got my second wind.  I would accomplish the most during their nap times, or at night while they slept.  Even though they're older now (read: I can accomplish things while they are awake), I still consider myself a night owl.

I'm a night owl.  Are you?

Well, until recently, that is.

With our son now in public school, it is our practice to get up at 5:30, as you know if you read my blog regularly.  This may be your "normal" school year wake-up time, but as former homeschoolers, it was never ours.  Now... it is.

5:30 sure does come early.  Earlier every day it seems.  I can feel my body adjusting to it. Initially, though, my body balked at the idea of rising so early -- so much so, that I felt physically ill to be upright at such an hour.  Really.  But... each morning gets a little easier. If I just keep moving, I can accomplish a lot of stuff before anyone else gets up.  [Oh, all you morning people -- STOP saying "I told you so."]  I'm not "dressed to shoes" or anything as drastic as that.  Heavens, NO!  But I'm up and moving, and getting things done, and sometimes, just sitting and listening to the clocks tick while I enjoy my first cup of tea.

Here's what I've learned.  I've learned to love the silence of 5:30.  I almost look forward to getting up that early just to experience the quietness of the hour.

And back to the whole idea of being a night owl?  Yeah, not so much anymore.  I find that if I really want to watch a show during the evening, that it's smarter to record it for the next day, because I WILL NOT stay awake to watch it.  5:30 comes pretty early.


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