Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Blues...

Got the winter blues?  I know I sure do.

23 more days until spring.  I know you were wondering.
34 more days until Easter.
How many days until snow stops flying?  That's anybody's guess.

Today, in NEOhio, it's gray with a promise of rain -- and the radar shows it's rolling in with a bang.  Well, not literally a bang -- though wouldn't a great thunderstorm be WONderful right about now?  We love 'em at our house.

When our daughter was a little bitty, she was very afraid of the thunder.  I used to tell her what my gram always told me.  "It's just the angels bowling in heaven!"  Our kids have bowled since they were little  -- not a league or anything, but you know -- the family outing here and there.  So, bowling was a familiar thing to them. Add to that the fact that Gram was a league bowler for years -- and my daughter eventually gave her own spin on thunder... "It's Great-Grandma bowling with the angels!" she would say.  Apparently that was a great comfort to her, because she quickly outgrew her fear of thunder, and learned to ENJOY thunderstorms.

Our daughter was just six months old when Gram passed away, so to say she "knew" Gram is a bit of a stretch. But I'm sure that someday when she comforts her own children in a thunderstorm she will talk like she and Great-Grandma bowled on a league together:  "Little ones -- that's just your Great-Great-Grandma bowling with the angels in heaven!"


  1. We're in another winter storm warning today - snow, cold, wind. Sigh. Maybe I'll plan my flower garden today - or sit and quilt for awhile and try to appreciate the quiet!

  2. I heard the same thing when I was little. It really does sound like bowling balls sometimes. I am still afraid of it, though, lately we have been getting lightning strikes, a church steeple was struck and burst into flames this past August. xo

  3. Me too Sally! I am sooo looking forward to Sring...I always heard the same thing...but, we always said God was bowling...We are nearing the date of last years bad tornado's. Several in the area was killed and many lost so much. Love Spring but could do without the storms...Blessings!

  4. Sally, your sweet image is a lovely welcome to Spring.
    Busy little birds creating their nests, precious forget me nots in full bloom and the promise of butterflies in the Summer garden!

    I'm chuckling at your thunder story - I love these family sayings!
    I'm a wuss and still nervous of thunder tho I suspect it's more the lightening that follows!

    I wrote a comment about half an hour ago, then my computer crashed, just delete it for me please Sally if it's still there - you don't want two in one day from me!!
    Shane ♥


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