Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Difference Between Men and Women

I did a post like this once called The Difference Between Boys and Girls.  And I kind of cracked myself up because I knew exACTly what I was referring to -- but obviously the reader didn't (really) until they read my ramblings.

This post is like that too.


The other day, my sweet hubby called from work to chat for a minute, and then asked, "What does the driveway look like?"  I knew what he was getting at, because it's a standard line.  With the blowing snow and freezing temperatures, he was wondering if our driveway was a mess.  Since he doesn't get home until it's dark and the temperatures have dropped, he sometimes asks us to clean up the driveway while the sun is shining.

Nevertheless, the question gets me every time because... unless the driveway sinks beneath the weight of my van or something... I am not looking at it.  Do you women know where I'm coming from?  The driveway is just not something that I think to "check" on a daily basis.  I can only see the end of it from my living room window if I crane my neck -- so I'm not really locked in on what my driveway looks like during the course of a day.

Why am I like this, I wonder to myself.  It could be that I grew up on a hill.  Well, I mean... our driveway was a hill. We pretty much had to keep it shoveled and clear.  It was purely self-preservation.  I mean, who wants to slip and slide down a snowy driveway into four lanes of traffic, I ask you.  (Or land on your bottom at the curb while retrieving the mail?  That would be bad.)

So, when we moved to this house, with a flat, concrete driveway, I pretty much put shoveling out of my mind completely.  I mean -- no fear of rolling out into a barely-two-lane, dead-end street, right?  So long as I can roll on in and roll on out, I'm good to go.

I'm pretty sure that most women don't have the genetic coding that causes them think about what condition their driveway is in -- except perhaps my mom, who still lives at the hilly driveway house.

But my hubby... being a man... thinks about these things.  I think he likes the challenge of keeping the driveway down to the bare pavement all winter.  (And, of course, that is safer for everyone.)

Me?  I could just roll over it a few times with my van tires, and it'd be all nice and flat.  Of course, I might have to shovel a ramp DOWN into my garage by the end of the season -- yeah, that must be it.  My hubby doesn't want me to have to do that!

Ohhhhhhh.....Kayyyyyyyyy, so I'll go out and check the driveway, Babe.  I know the "make hay while the sun shines" rule applies to shoveling snow and ice, too.

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  1. Pretty pic Sal and I can so relate to this post! No snow to shovel here yet. :)
    Take care you!


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