Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Valentine Bling

Well, maybe not bling.  Bling being sparkly and glitzy and all.  But, how cute are these hearts?  I spotted them on Pinterest one night when I was craving a little something creative.  Before I knew it, I had some Valentine scrapbook paper out, and was cutting strips into various lengths.  But -- it wasn't my original idea, so you can go HERE to read about the process.

Double-sided papers work the best for this project since both sides are visible in the completed heart.

On the EASY scale of 1-3, it's a one -- because let's face it.  A three isn't easy.

Rather than have individual hearts, I wanted to make a string of three.  So, after the hearts were all stapled together, I used a large needle threaded with fishing line, and went straight through the center of each heart (top and bottom), tying a knot at the very bottom, and a loop for hanging at the very top.  Again, easy.

Do you go "all out" for Valentines Day -- or just have a few simple decorations around?

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  1. Love it! I pulled this same post to make some. We are doing some projects with the kids and I knew this would be easy!

  2. I love your Valentine hearts. They're so pretty and I love the choice of papers you used. Very nice!


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