Monday, February 4, 2013

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

Between my tween and college years, I attended a LOT of bridal showers at our church.  As I got older, and was more appreciative of the beautiful gifts, I noticed the trend of one gifter.  A lady, who eventually became a dear friend, gave beautiful glass dishes and bowls.  They were really special pieces that would hold a place of honor in your home.

As the gifts were passed around the room for viewing, I secretly wished that when(ever) it was "my turn," she would gift me in the same manor.  I'm not sure if that sounds extremely selfish -- or extremely appreciative of the potential gift.  I guess that, as a young adult, I longed to have such pretty things -- and a place to call my own.

Imagine my delight when, at my bridal shower, that same friend gifted me with this beautiful pink, cut-glass bowl. It sort of took my breath away, it delighted me so.  The bowl has been here and there and everywhere around our house.  At times, it's been tucked away, on a decorating hiatus, if you will.  Through the years, various things have filled it.  Always it's beauty amazes me.

My friend passed away last month, which of course makes this bowl even more precious to me.  It's been tucked away for a little while now, and yesterday, I pulled it off the shelf where I had stored it, and placed it back on the table where I can see it every day... a memento of friendship.


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