Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go, God, Go!

When needed, I enjoy taking meals to friends who are ill, recovering from surgery, or have just had a baby -- you get the idea.  I have a handful of go-to recipes that are easy to double (providing a meal for my family too!), are easy for the recipient to bake themselves, or are great delivered hot and ready to eat.

I had that opportunity this week.  Monday was my scheduled day to take a meal to a friend from our church group.  She has lots of dietary limitations.

I ended up taking something that was a simplified version of one of our favorite family recipes.  I made the recipe as I would for my own family -- but without meat.  The final product seemed boring.  I tweeked it a little, but still felt like I was taking her something "second rate."

I even added a loaf of wheat bread to go along with the meal, since she cannot have white bread, or anything with white flour.  The wheat bread [made in the bread machine] didn't do what my white bread usually does, but by the time it was finished, there was no time to try another loaf.  I ended up feeling like the bread was second rate too.

Those "second rate" judgements were my own -- not my friend's, and not God's.  I'm praying that God can take my meager, well-intended offerings, and use it to bless my friend.  ...that the meal would be delicious by her standards.

After all, SHE is the one I had in mind when I made it.

When I've done my best, I need to let go, and let God.



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