Monday, February 25, 2013

Antique Ambivalence

Over the weekend, I was wishing to go to a little antiques store near us.  I've never been (though my hubby & daughter have???) and I wanted to check it out.  So, we put it on a big circular route that was in our heads, and took off to the other end of the circle --which happened to include an antique mall.  I have never been to one of these.  It was, in a word, OVERWHELMING.  I have never seen so much old stuff amassed in one place in my life.  As I strolled the aisles [and nooks and crannies], here's what I was thinking:

1.  Why did I sell that children's china [perhaps Hazel-Atlas?] that I played with at my Gram's?  I found a partial set... exactly like Gram had and let me play with growing up.  They were asking an outrageous amount of money for EACH little plate and cup and saucer.  Oy.  I almost cried -- for real.  I stood there with a really sick feeling in my stomach... having those sweet dishes staring at me from the shelf.  Sad.

2.  Sadder still, and the strangest thing I have ever seen at an antique "shop" -- a child's coffin.  For real.  Precious and white...  It made me swallow hard and tear up.

3.  Why do I get so emotional about the history of other people's stuff?  [We went to a tag sale recently -- a gorgeous house FILLED with nice things, and a huge wardrobe... everything that suggested that someone's life had been taken away too suddenly.  At least that was the story I told myself, and it made me so melancholy as I strode through the home, feeling like a trespasser.]

4.  Blue canning jars are not rare as I thought.  They were everywhere at this particular mall -- which made me not want to have one so badly.  I have two already.  On the other hand, my hubby and daughter spotted GREEN jars.  We never found our way back to them, unfortunately.

5.  The very most favorite thing that I saw was a very large [store?] sign that said only, "LEANING" -- and you'll never guess... this vendor had a sense of humor.  You see... the sign was actually.... leaning!  It was at an extreme angle -- so as to make it obvious.  And, I wanted to leave a note that said, "haha - I get it!"  [FINALLY -- some comedic relief among the antiques!]  Yes, I had my camera -- but no, I didn't take pictures.  Totally forgot...  Yes, these are old photos from another adventure.

6.  Pfaltzgraff patterns that I could've chosen for our wedding pattern do not qualify as antiques.  For crying out loud... we've only been married for twenty years!

7.  In a  l-o-n-g, skinny building, why does the restroom always have to been at the other end?

and finally,

8.  It would be cheaper if I just go home and wait until our stuff gets old!

Yes, over the weekend, I was wishing to go to a little antiques store near us...  perhaps another weekend.


  1. I feel the same way.. so many times I havae told my husband, "All this stuff I love simply means the end of someone's life has ended and now here is the stuff that no one cared about". Sad...but I love all the beautiful things of the past...Blessings!

  2. I get weird at estate sales too. I feel like I'm rifling through someone else's life. And then I start thinking "Did they die?" "Did they get put in a nursing home?" "Do they know that people are looking over all their stuff?" At least at an antique mall I can imagine that the older people lovingly sold this stuff to the vendors so they could move to Florida for retirement and live happily ever after.

  3. Overwhelming is the perfect word. I feel that way even in the thrift store sometimes. I live in Florida...and lots of stuff ends up there. I see things I used to have but didn't keep. Remember way back when we thought new was so much better? Now I like a mix of old and new. Sweet hugs! (I have a post for tomorrow that I hope you'll come and comment on! heehee!)

  4. Okay I am laughing so much at this because I feel much the same about things when I hit these places. Oh a child's coffin?? I can't decide if that is sick... or sweet? Either way it's sad. Who would want that? Nevermind... that's an even sadder thought. I hear ya on the blue jars. I still nab em when I can. They are super cheap here... and the Pfaltgraff patterns... um yeah. I don't care that they are calling me THAT old either. I picked mine out almost 18 years ago. Antique?? No way! LOL


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