Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's New?

Well, a new day for one -- and new weather.  That's Ohio for you!

Also, some new Etsy items that I forgot to tell you about - Mini Brag Books.  You might enjoy these if you're a fan of "red."  You can check them out in MY SHOP, but here's a little preview:

These Brag Books are the perfect purse size, but I'll tell you a little secret...  since I'm a parent of teens and a little beyond the Brag Book stage, I fill my Brag Book with all of the new school photos that come in our Christmas cards each year and I leave it out on the living room side table for browsing.  I do love to look at those cute faces and how they've grown!  I've had my book for a couple of years, and I tend to just put each new picture of a kiddo over the last one.

Don't forget these hold wallet-sized photos, but they'll also hold a business card -- so they'll make for pretty and feminine little business card holders too!

And... below is a little preview of what I hope will come soon... STAY TUNED!


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