Monday, February 18, 2013

Observations on "Honey"

The other night, my sweet hubby took me out for dinner.  We visited a little diner about an hour away from home. He'd heard that they had good burgers, so we went to check it out.  The waitress (younger than us) called us both "Honey" several times during our visit.  I caught my hubby looking at her wondering (I think) if she could possibly be speaking to HIM? -- and it got me thinking about how I feel when different people call me "Honey."  I have very mixed reactions as you'll see.

When somebody younger than me calls me "Honey" -- I am a little put out.  I feel like they're talking down to me as if I'm slightly daft.  (Really?  Slightly DAFT?  It's possible I watch too much "Downton Abbey.")

When somebody older than me calls me "Honey" -- I find it endearing.

When a man whom I don't know calls me "Honey" -- it creeps me out a little.  (Okay, more than a little.)

In general, when people who don't know me call me "Honey" -- I think it's a little presumptuous... or at the very least ODD.

When my friends call me "Honey" -- I don't mind at all.

When my sweetie calls me "Honey" -- oh wait, he doesn't.  HE calls me "Babe."


  1. love this.....I have a huge thing about people who do not know me calling me honey, sweetie and such. We had a receptionist who did it all the time and it really bothered me. I think she just didn't want to take the time to learn all our names.
    But Honey.....what a great article!!!!!

  2. Cute post! I nodded all the way through.

  3. I don't like being called names like that, unless it is a family member or really close friend, not by strangers. I always look at the bright side, there are worse names to be called, especially by young people. First time I was called "ma'm" I was depressed for a week! xo


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