Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some New Year "to-do's"

Do you head to the stores after Christmas to shop the clearance merchandise?  I have never been able to bring myself to do this, as it all seems like such excess to me after a season of generosity.

But, this year, I had the opportunity to get out to one of my favorite stores, and I was tickled to find... not more stuff for me or for our home -- but gifts for next year.  Really cute stuff, super-inexpensive, --and nothing that would have to be exchanged for another size.  I've been on the receiving end of that, and it's just no fun.

This year, I had so much fun stocking up on things for others that I didn't give much thought to more stuff for myself.  But, through the years, I've learned a couple of tips that help me to avoid "I wants" in the new year.

1.  I "unsubscribe" to e-mails that notify me of the next great thing that I need to have.

2.  All mail-order catalogs that come in the mail immediately go into the recycle bin.

I know myself, and when I linger over these things, I get the "I wants."

If you're looking for contentment in 2013, I can assure you -- it won't come with more stuff.  I, for one, am trying to keep it simple, remembering that contentment is not getting everything I want --but rather being satisfied with what I have.

May you enjoy great contentment in 2013!

Also: for those of you who may have missed the comments in THIS POST, please know that in addition to making Christmas gift-tags with your old greeting cards, you can also donate them to a good cause HERE.  Thanks for the tip Bethany!


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