Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And Away We Go!

We were blessed to have both of our kids at home this year for New Year's Eve.  I am well aware that these opportunities are fleeting, and so we kept our traditions going...

I prepared some of our favorite appetizers, and we pulled them out to enjoy while we watched rented movies, and late into the evening while we waited to ring in the new year.  This year, we enjoyed Sausage Rolls, Queso Dip (you know, that awesome Velveeta recipe?) and some fresh fruit and veggies.

Also, sparkling white grape juice is a must.  In glasses to clink.  At the last minute, I was wishing that I had purchased some inexpensive glasses that were a little classier than our every-day glasses.  But... nobody seemed to mind.

We watched the count-down on TV, and then, a more recent tradition:

Last year, we heard (where? I don't remember) about the tradition of opening the front door to let the old year out, and welcome the new year in.  And so, with everyone gathered in the living room, I did just that. Last year, and this year.  I'm so glad we remembered!  I don't mind telling you that there's something a little bit emotional about the process.  The freezing cold air sweeps in, and in my head, I visualize it swirling around in our living room   This year, I held the door open extra long.  There was a lot to let out -- and so much more I wanted to let in.

Let this be a year of welcoming all God has for us.
Please God, help us be gracious recipients!
Everything you give us is so much more than we deserve.


  1. I am familiar with that old "wives tale".... did not do it.. a good reminder of how to let go of the past and welcome the new....BLessings in this New Year!

  2. Now that is an interesting new tradition with a lot of meaning. Symbolism is very important. Because I am old and tired, I rarely make it to the midnight hour, but I could do it on New Year's Morning! How wonderful to be all together again. You are wise to realize that it may not always be that way and so to savor the times. Many blessings in the New Year!


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