Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Flu Funny

My daughter and I got flu shots the other day.  YAY.  We were finally both healthy at the same time, and had some free time on our hands - so check that off the list.  And boy - none too soon from what they say!  I sometimes wonder if the media is exaggerating this too (ya think?) -- but nevertheless, I'm not taking any chances.  That bout with bronchitis earlier in the fall was AW FULL - you heard me.  FLU?  I don't even want it coming close.  (Let's not even think about the fact that it's vaccinated form is coursing through my bloodstream right now, daring my body to fight.... yeah, let's not.)

Last winter (or was it the winter before?) H1N1 was the big deal -- and all the pharmacy signs around town boasted that they could vaccinate you.  There was one particular pharmacy that sits right on a near-by corner with a stop light.  Our van stops at that light a lot.  So that pharmacy sign was a source of wonder to our daughter for a long time.  Finally one day, she had to ask.

"What is the Hini Flu?"  (huh, wha?  Did she say "heenee?")

Yep.  She was reading each "1" as an "I" -- not being familiar with the "flu code."

This year, apparently we've been upgraded to H3something -- and like I said... I'm not taking any chances.

And, lest there be someone out there who thinks I would leave the men of the house to fend for themselves... (Mom), my sweet hubby got his shot earlier in the season, and our son is scheduled for his today.

So... we can all be safe from the heenee flu... or whatever it is.


  1. Ha! I read that as her saying the HY-née flu! That would be BAD....REALLY BAD! LOL!

  2. I always get my flu shot. It seems this season so many are being I was notging to chance it either....Stay safe and stay well. Blessings!


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