Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walking the Same Road

Tuesday, a little after 3PM, my son went on a walk down to our local plaza with a friend.  When they're looking for a change of scenery, they head down there to the game-trading store, and to the thrift bakery for some goodies. He was home within an hour or so.  I keep tabs on the time, and know his usual routine.

On occasion, he and his sister have taken this walk and come home when it's starting to get dark.  We frown on that.  The walk up the hill is dark, and cars come up the hill and around these curves - drivers unaware, and not as watchful as they should be.  We encourage light-colored clothing when out for an evening walk so that if they are out at dusk, they will be seen.  We also remind them to walk against traffic -- so that they are walking defensively, seeing what is coming.

Tuesday, at approximately 9:30PM, a 16 year old boy [who lived one street over from us] took a walk on a different stretch of the same road.  Two blocks from his street, his life ended at the hands of a hit-and-run driver.

Though our son took the bus to school with this boy, I never had the opportunity to meet him or his family.  And yet, as a parent, my heart aches for them.

I couldn't help but think of all the warnings that my husband and I have given our kids, and how they've rolled their eyes at us. Today, things came into sharper focus when I explained that it's not them that we don't trust.  It's reckless drivers.

Today we talked about light-colored clothing, and where to walk, ...but in a different light, and with a new perspective.  And maybe, just maybe, my son and daughter felt... not so much over-protected by, but appreciative of our warnings.

Because today, we are praying for a family that lost a son.
Praying that a hit-and-run driver will come forward.

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  1. I saw this on the news Sally. :(
    Praying for this family and their loss. And so glad that your children are listening to the dangers of this road and your wisdom about how to walk it safely.


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