Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Found: Love-y Note

Sunday night when I went to bed, the room was already dark -- as my sweet hubby had gotten there first.  As I adjusted blankets in the darkness, I heard what sounded like a piece of paper fluttering to the floor.  Instantly, I knew what it was.  A love note.

I mentioned yesterday that our daughter is on a week-long ministry trip across town.  It is her custom to leave love-y notes behind.  They are typically on our pillows.  When I moved to the hallway and turned on the light, this is what I read:

And the p.s.(not seen here)?  "I'll miss you!"  That's our girl.  She is almost always brave about trying the unknown, or going where she has not been before.  I'm so proud of her for that.  I was the girl who hung back and didn't try things... didn't go new places.  It wasn't because I didn't have opportunities.  It was because of my fear of the unknown.  Our kids didn't inherit that from me, and I'm so glad.  They have already (in their young lives) experienced so much more than I did at their ages.

There's one thing, though, that my daughter DID inherit from me -- my love of HOME.  As much as she likes to go and do things, she is never stir-crazy at home.  She genuinely loves being here.  I can't count the times she'd be working on her homeschooling, and out of nowhere she would say, "I love our home, Mom!"

A few weeks back, when our girl was anticipating this trip, we talked about "missing."  I casually mentioned that I think she's usually too busy to even MISS US on these trips.  "Oh no!" she said with a tear in her voice.  "I really DO miss you guys!"

Hmmmm, she hides it well.  But I guess her desire to go and serve is stronger than her desire to dwell on her personal "boo-hoos"

...which is why she is such a good servant.

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  1. It brought tears to my eyes, Sally! (sigh)


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