Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Scenic Surprise

A few weeks back when we were traveling, there were (of course) the occasional stops for gas.  We had planned in advance to pack lunches for this trip, so that we weren't spending time eating in restaurants.  We were determined to reach our destination as quickly as possible in order to spend the most amount of time with family.

The day we started out was such a beautiful day.  Blue, blue skies, and cotton candy clouds. As we rolled through West Virginia, and then Virginia it was so incredibly scenic.  And then... pit stop -- and you know how it is.  You roll into the gas station, and the scenery kind of JAMS on the brakes.  Or so I thought.

At this particular stop, it was lunch-time -- and so I dug out the sandwiches and the yogurts. While everyone else was busy or in conversation, I strolled away from the van.  We were sort of in a wide open place with a huge view of the sky.  There wasn't too much around -- except the actual gas station. Spotting a pretty white fence towards the rear of the gas station, I strolled while eating my yogurt.  So, picture this: me, camera in pocket, yogurt in one hand, spoon in the other -- and along came a view.

This view.

I'm telling you, it was like this little white church was tucked in right behind the gas station for my own little moment of joy.  Look at that cute triangular steeple.  And those triangular window panes? Love them.

Thank you Bastian, Virginia for this beautiful little surprise!

Thank you Pine Grove United Methodist Church congregation, and Pastor Alan Ashworth for being good stewards of this little jewel-box of a church that God has gifted you with! Though I never set foot inside, I thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit.

Bastian, Virginia (Bland County)
Est. 1866


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  1. Love this... only in the mountains and the south is service one or twice a month... lovely little chapel!

  2. Oh my! It's still in use? That is so wonderful! We had a beautiful Pine Grove church in the country near our town years ago; when it was no longer used as a church, someone lived in it. The wood stove had problems and that beautiful building burned to the ground. I'm so glad that I have a b&w photo and a beautiful watercolor painting of it.

  3. Wow - that is a gem - obviously a very fresh coat of paint - lucky, lucky you.

  4. What a great find! Incredibly photogenic.

  5. Great photos! Enjoyed my visit here!

  6. Love your shots! Sorry I'm late visiting so late to thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #38... I've not been feeling well.


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