Friday, July 27, 2012

Somewhere Across Town...

This morning, I got a Facebook message from a high school friend who is involved in a ministry to the homeless and hurting downtown in our city.  This ministry is an emergency shelter for women and children in crisis situations.    Turns out, our daughter was helping out there last evening with her team!

As some plans have fallen through for the team, new plans have been made!  God is good.  They've been ministering in places that they didn't even know they'd be when the week began.

Even though they're just across town, internet connections have not been good -- and they have truly been too exhausted at the end of the day to post.  Because of this, we haven't received as many details as we thought we would through the week.  I'll be excited to pick our girl up tomorrow, and hear the details from her perspective.

Thanks to those of you who mentioned you've been lifting the team up in prayer this week!

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  1. Wonderful!!! I love it when Young people are on mission for the Lord. I know you are excited about her return....blessings and enjoy!


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