Monday, July 2, 2012

My New Favorite Commercial

is for a fast food establishment... and their new fruity oatmeal -- or whatever it's called. You know the two ladies -- seemingly not together, but sitting next to one another inside the restaurant?  The older lady raises questions about the oatmeal that the younger lady is eating, and says "in my day..."  And then, proceeds to snap a photo of said oatmeal, commenting that she's gonna hafta blog about THIS!

It makes me laugh.  Every.  Time.  So, I did an on-line search for it, thinking I would show it to you -- you know, in case you haven't seen it.  But, the remarks on the video-page were so disparaging that... I didn't even want it linked to my blog.  The negative comments were all kinds of things that I had not even stopped to consider (gosh, how ignorant and/or innocent am I?)

But one comment in particular really cracked me up.  In essence, it said, "who on earth would blog about a cup of oatmeal?"  Yep.  THIS was the comment that stopped me in my tracks because...

HELLO?  Can we safely say that not everyone understands the concept of blogging?

Isn't it fair to say {fellow bloggers} that inspiration comes from everywhere?   -- even our morning oatmeal? Also, that we {as bloggers} share from the overflow of our lives?  The happy, the sad, the overwhelming, the "in-search-of" moments?

Suffice it to say, that I had no cause to wonder why the lady in the commercial might have wanted to blog about the oatmeal.  There could've been a million different reasons.

I mean, that may have been one rootin'-tootin' good oatmeal recipe that I found on Pinterest, and really wanted to share.  Or it could have been served in some aMAzing bowl that I NEEDED to find the manufacturer of.  OR (wonder of wonders) it could've been the first time I've ever EATEN oatmeal, and I just had to share the joy of the moment.

So what about you?
What inspires you to write a blog post?
Life events?  Great finds?
-- or just your favorite bowl of something delicious?

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  1. I write but mostly I shoot (photos)... :-)


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