Friday, May 4, 2012

Now I Know

My Great Aunt used to always say, "I think I'm losing my mind!"  She said it a lot.  Really a lot.  Even as a kid, I remember that we just used to laugh along with her when she said it because... she wasn't losing her mind any more than the rest of us were.  Well, this story is dedicated to her.  She was very prim and proper, wore pearls to Family Summer Camp, and baked Potato Chip Cookies for us once.  Those are the things I remember about her.  As I write this, I am feeling especially close to her somehow.  Read on, and perhaps you'll understand why.

1976 ~ with my family, and the Greats.

My hope is that you will read this story, and laugh and laugh and laugh -- WITH me of course, not AT me.  And then, please leave me sweet comments telling me you know JUST how I feel because you do crazy things like this ALL the time.  (If you don't do crazy things like this all the time, please leave me those sweet comments anyways, kay?)

My Story

On Wednesday, I had to take some paperwork to the high school to begin the fall enrollment process for my daughter. I caught the guidance counselor as she was making her way out of the office, but she sweetly stopped to accept the paperwork, and to make a copy of my driver's license for their files.  She was in a hurry to get to a class, and I was trying to get out of her way in speedy-like fashion.  We finished quickly, and therefore, I had time to grab two things at the grocery store before heading home to meet with a lady who was coming to my house to purchase homeschool curriculum.  Oy.  Got all that?

Well, I was at the grocery store when I realized that I didn't have my driver's license. Panicked, I drove home (because that homeschooling lady was due to arrive), and called the school to tell them that I thought it was still in their copy machine.  Everyone in the guidance office was out, and so I left a voice mail.  While I waited for a callback, I searched through all of my paperwork, my purse, and my wallet.  No driver's license.

When the secretary called back, it was to say that they had NOT found it.  I started to mentally retrace my steps and remembered that the guidance counselor had indeed handed it back to me. Near as I could recall, I had laid it down on the paperwork which I then grabbed up in a hurry.  I suspected I'd find it on the floor at the school.

So, after the nice homeschooling lady bought a few things and left, I headed back to the high school to actually retrace my steps.  I searched everywhere.  Nothing.  Nothing.  and Nothing. What on earth???  I even stopped at the grocery store (where I knew it wasn't) just so I could say I'd checked there as well.

I came home feeling defeated, and yet ?sure? it would show up SOMEplace eventually...  I started thinking that I knew how my Great Aunt must've felt when she uttered those words, "I think I'm losing my mind!"

My sweet daughter headed out to the van to do a search.  Nothing.

I searched my paperwork, purse, and wallet again.  Nothing.

Then, my sweet daughter searched my purse and wallet again and I head her say, "Is this it?"  HUH?  Yes! Are you kidding me?

In my hurry to grab all my stuff and go, I had shoved it into a wallet slot NEXT to the spot for my driver's license.  (Don't ask me why!!!  Remember, I'm the one with the compromised mental state!!!)

So, I was at the high school twice on Wednesday, and I had to go back on Thursday to wrap up some final details.  Anyway, I was SO grateful that my daughter found my driver's license!!!  I teasingly said to her, "By the time you're at the high school, hopefully I won't have to go there so often!"  Her response?  "When I get to the high school, I'll be known as SALLY'S DAUGHTER rather than Tyler's sister!"  LOL Love that girl.  She calls it like she sees it.

So... now I know how my dear Great Aunt felt.

This is where you leave sweet comments.  Me?  I'm going to take a nap.

Afterall, I think I'm losing my mind!

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  1. I have too many stories to recount here. :-/

  2. I am "losing my mind" at least 10 times a day! Love your story!

  3. It runs in the family. Praise the Lord for daughters who help us out, even if they are a little "smart alecky". That also runs in the family. Love you guys!!


  4. One would think all of those compartments in my wallet and bag would help keep me organized but that is only IF I remember which compartment is for what! :)

  5. Oh, Sally Wally,
    I knew we were birds of a feather! I know I have similar stories, but I can't remember any of them.
    Good to know I have company on my noggin's downward spiral!

    Hope you had a great weekend,

  6. Oh Sally,You are not alone! I had a similar thing happen to me too this week.I couldn't find my debit card anywhere in my wallet nor in my pocketbook and feared I'd left it in a store.I debated whether to call my bank and report it missing and after searching everywhere decided to give my bag another look.Sure enough,for some reason it slid so far down one of the slots that I couldn't see it but when I put my fingers in there I felt it and managed to pull it out.Why I didn't do that in the first place is beyond me! Sue


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I read each and every one, and truly enjoy "conversations" with you! ~Sally

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