Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Allergy Season

I am STUCK.  Immovable.  A "wedged bear in a great tightness" so to speak (one of my favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes.)

But seriously (as if being a wedged bear isn't serious enough), after having posts lined up for weeks with all kinds of things I wanted to chit-chat about... all of a sudden: nothing.

Except... I really have been wanting to tell you about a great tool.  Perhaps now is the time.

If anyone in your household
deals with allergies,
do you know about:

If you go there, click on your state within the map, and zero in on your city, it will show you a 4-day forecast of when allergens are likely to be high in your area.  It will also show you "today's predominant pollens" -- which is  particularly helpful if you know you are bothered by a specific pollen, and goes a long way in explaining the way you may feel on any given day.

Under "tools and downloads" you can also sign up to receive allergy alert e-mails.  I've signed up, and get a notification almost every day.  Last week it reminded me that BIRCH POLLEN was in the air - something we need to take note of at our house.

Do you have any other good allergy resources?  Feel free to share in the comments! did not ask me to say nice things about them.
I just thought I'd share a tool that is helpful at our house.

And in other news,
you can join Amanda's Birthday Giveaway here:


  1. Wow this sounds like a great site. My husband has had to deal with allergy symptoms some over the years and he has discovered this year if he takes Oregano oil before he goes outside that nothing bothers him. He is so blessed at finding this product. You can get it at any health food store.

  2. Great tip! Thanks for posting. I'll have to check it out and pass the info on to my brother who truly suffers from allergies.


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