Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Google+ Update (& stuff)

You might remember THIS POST and THIS POST where I talked about the end of Google Friend Connect and the beginning of Google+.

Well, let me update you on a few things around here.

1.  First of all WELCOME, Linky friends and NetworkedBlogs friends!  Glad you're here.

2.  My intention was to totally remove my Google Friend Connect box - I thought people would stop using it.  Wrong.  Blogger people are still using it.  So, I've moved it back up from the end of my blog-page to the sidebar.  WELCOME, new Google Friend Connect friends!

3.  Google+ was a bust as far as I was concerned.  At this point, it doesn't seem to be of any value to me.  I was  only using it to note new blog posts.  People don't really seem to communicate much there -- of course, the other possibility is that I don't really "get it" yet. Nevertheless, not worth my time.  I have deleted my account.  The button is gone from my sidebar.  Perhaps in the future, they will knock my socks off, and I'll try again.  For now... not so much.

But let's face it:

The only thing constant is CHANGE.

UPDATE:  Wow, here I go again.  This is so un-worthy of another post, so I thought I'd just add an update here.  I've received some comments about not being on Google+, and so... months later, I went back to check it out, signed on again, and realized that MANY more people are on it now than when I started.  So, I'm trying it again.  Truly not expecting much -- but I'm just going to hang in there this time and see what happens.  It doesn't hurt anything to HAVE an account.  So, if you're into the Google+ thing... c'mon over and join me.  New button on my sidebar.  So embarrassed.  Let's not talk about this anymore, k?  K!

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  1. The only thing I use Google+ for is for my blog posts too. Another blogger there who is a big time media user and has been for years told me a year ago to keep trying it, but really? I don't get it either. Am retaining that account, but FB is so much better.


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