Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Friday night was the beginning of our weekend adventures.  We went refrigerator shopping.  [You can read about my refrigerator saga HERE.]  Since the last time we went, I read a lot of comments on Teresa's blog, and started to wonder if a french door/bottom freezer was a good idea afterall.  We went to a couple of stores, but didn't make any big decisions.  Hubby and I seemed to be leaning in different directions.  I had come to the conclusion that we should get as close to what we have now as possible.  He, on the other hand, was thinking bigger, better, and freezer on the bottom.  At least, that was my perception.

Today, we went out again, and hit a few more places.  AND, I think we might actually be getting closer to a decision.  Right now, it's looking like pull-out freezer on the bottom, and one door on the top.  Progress!

Also on our list today: Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Who doesn't like to stop there?  Hubby and daughter have these great travel mugs, and I was wishing for one for myself (that doesn't taste like coffee or cocoa).  I found one for $5.99 (pink for breast cancer awareness, in honor of my friend Kim) - along with a few other things, and a $5 off coupon.  Amen?

Another favorite Saturday stop is the local Penn Dutch market.  Today we brought home yellow popcorn, wheat rotini, cheeses, and oatmeal cookie mix.  Some day I'm going to go in there when it's not busy (NOT Saturday!), and take pictures of all the neatly lined shelves.  They have all kinds of stuff for baking, and snacking, and ... you get the idea.  You will go in thinking you don't need anything, but trust me -- you'll find something.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at home -- mulling over refrigerator choices, and baking cookies.  The mix I bought said "just add water", and they turned out so yummy!  My sweet hubby made pizza for dinner, and that's always a treat.  We love it when he bakes (anything)!

Tomorrow is "Second Sunday" lunch at my parents' house.  This has been a tradition since right after my husband and I got married.  It's an effort on my parents' part to get the family together regularly -- and for eighteen years, everyone has really tried hard to be there.  Sometimes we take turns bringing side dishes or desserts, but mostly, my mom prepares a meal that we all love.  The time spent together is precious.

So, I just realized that I didn't cook tonight, and won't be cooking tomorrow either.  Life is good.  I love to cook, but who doesn't like a break every now and then?

Hope you're having a great weekend.
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  1. Hi I'm following from the Sunday hops! I'd love for you to come visit me over at! Have a great Sunday and hope to see you soon!

  2. Enjoy your Second Sunday dinner. What a great idea! I wish I lived closer to my family to make that happen. One day :)
    Stopped over from Say Hi Sunday, have a great one!


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