Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19/11 Daybook #1


Outside my window...
it is dark, and I can see the supermoon.
The moon is closer than it has been to the earth in 18 years.
The next supermoon will occur in 2016.

I am thinking... 
that it was a great evening, sharing a meal with my parents.
We enjoyed great discussion.

I am thankful for... 
my sweet husband.  I love him so much.
...and for the time that my parents have invested in our kids' lives.

From the kitchen...
 the dishwasher is running -
cleaning up after mexican chicken casserole,
spinach salad, and gingerbread.

I am wearing... 
Danskin draw-cord pants and a hoodie.

I am creating... 
this post, and thinking how glad I am that I started blogging.
I am going...
to bed early.
{Is it okay to have a goal that I rarely meet?}

I am reading...
a new book today.
My mom just brought me Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury.

On my mind...
the new job opportunity for this summer,
and thankfulness.

Around the house...
everything is neat and tidy
(well, mostly.)

One of my favorite things...
is looking forward to worship on Sunday morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
On Tuesday, we'll enjoy bowling and pizza
with my parents, my sister, and her 3 children.
Wednesday night is church.

Here is a picture for thought...

Holy God to whom all praise is due, I stand in awe of you.

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  1. Great post Sally! I just got notification that you unfollowed me on twitter... is everything ok? You are one of my favorite twitter buddies so I hope its just a glitch! :)


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