Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh What a Night!

Last night was the most magical of nights.
It was a Father-Daughter date night for the girls who
participate in our Wednesday evening girls group at church (grades K-5).

Dressing up.
Father-Daughter portraits.
Talk time.
"My Girl."
Eating good food.
Strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
"The Hokey Pokey."
 Dads twirling girls.
Girls teaching dads dances,
and dads teaching their girls.
Slow dancing to "Butterfly Kisses", and "Cinderella."
Every father and daughter on the dance floor.
Sleepy girls dancing on Daddy's feet - or in his arms.
Lights twinkling.
United in our mission.
Daddy-Daughter time!
A good night.

The simple moment that made me smile was when they turned
all the chandeliers and twinkle lights on.
It transformed the room into a magical place!

Sit Relax and Read
I confess that I was feeling a little sentimental
about my daughter having grown out of this age group.
Also - it made me think of the dance that I shared with my dad
the day of my wedding.


  1. Wow! Fancy schmancy! Such a special night! Wish they had something like this for boys and their mommas.( Oh wait, it's called playing sports together.). :)

    Beautiful setting for memorable night.

  2. Oh what a beautiful night. I know you will all remember it forever. Thank you linking up and sharing your heart.

    Cha Cha


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