Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Want. Need. Wear. Read.

Well, as much as I am not ready to start Christmas shopping, I must admit that my outlook is a little different this year after last year's experience.  Let me explain.  Last year, a friend told me about this idea.  Now, I have heard about giving only three gifts - in honor of the three wisemen.  Somehow, that idea didn't do it for me.  But four gifts given with specific intent - now that I like!  

Our kids still made Christmas wish-lists (a little tradition in our family), but their gifts had to fall in one of the four categories.  The categories (want, need, wear, read) nicely cover just about all the bases, so that wasn't really a problem.

You know what I noticed?  The kids thought about their lists much more purposefully and specifically.  Although I had a Christmas budget in mind, I didn't have any problem buying one wish for each category (and each child) within my budget.  It all sort of naturally fell into place.  I love it when that happens!  In addition - I try to spend for each child equally (a little quirk of mine - does anybody else worry about this?), and I came within cents for the two of them!  [Patting self on back...]

I wrapped each child's gifts in a different wrapping paper, and included tags that indicated what category the gift was in.  (This is not necessary, but just adds to the fun...)  I cannot tell you what a difference this made in our Christmas morning festivities.  Most importantly, there wasn't a lot of "fluff" - you know -- all the stuff that gets purchased needlessly, because you're trying to fill the floor under the tree.  It was so NOT about that at our house last year... and it was lovely.

This year, one child (who shall remain nameless) asked if they could put underwear on their list under "need."  I told them I might be able to spring for that out of my non-Christmas budget.  Generous, I know.

It's November 2nd - late for some people to start their shopping... Don't worry.  I've got it all under control.  Happy shopping everyone!

If you've used this gift-giving system for your kids, I'd love to hear your comments!


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