Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Professional vs. Personal (or both?!)

Did you ever sort of dread something -- and then it worked out SO GREAT?  Today, I took my daughter to her first physical therapy session.  (She injured her ankle this summer & it hasn't quite recovered.)  I'm not really sure what part I was dreading.  Probably the medical, insurance, unhappy-paying-lots-of-money part.  Really, God must tire of my whining.  But, off we went.  The only thing that was keeping me positive (besides my daughter with the sunny disposition) was the fact that when I called for the appointment, the voice on the other end of the line was SO NICE.  She was professional, but took the time to HEAR me, you know?  So, I wanted to make sure I touched base with HER, and could put a face to the name that I already knew.  Tanya.

We opted to go to a satellite office rather than downtown to the hospital.  #1 best idea.  Familiar area.  Easy in, easy out, no one-way streets to mess with my mind (is it just me?)  Easy & free parking, walked in the door & THERE was the office (in a rather large complex).  Nice.  The lady that greeted us was friendly & smiling, and I instantly knew - but I scanned her name badge just to be sure.  Yes.  Tanya.

Again, she was very professional, and so nice.  Now, here comes the good part.  At the end -- after we had made all of our future appointments & were getting ready to leave, I checked to see what we needed to pay.  Tanya checked our co-pay.  High.  Ooohhh.  That changed things.  Right away, Tanya called our therapist back to check to see if we could cut the number of appointments in half, and lengthen each appointment.  Yes, you read it right.  My new friend Tanya was TRYING TO SAVE ME MONEY!  The therapist (also a lovely lady, named Karen) was only too happy to help.

You know, there are people who do their jobs...they just do the job.
Then there are people who do their jobs professionally...they do the job well.
And then, there are people who take their job to the next level.  They do it so professionally, and yet so personally.

If everyone fell into the last category...I think our world would be a different place.  I don't know what kind of job you do.  I am a homemaker, a homeschooler, & a part-timer for KIDS at our church -- and I want to fall into the last category (above).  How about you?  There's no better season to start than in the season of joy & giving!

I'm hoping that somebody will bless YOU today, the way I've been blessed!  Then, you'll know exactly what I mean.


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