Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Yesterday - 5PM
I prepared an early dinner, as we were heading out to a concert at The Civic Theatre in the evening - along with my husband's entire extended family.  The occasion was a concert-package-Christmas-gift from his parents.  Last night's concert was "The Music of Richard Rodgers," and I thought that I (read: ONLY me) would know a lot of the songs and would want to sing along.  (Yes, I am the person that sits behind you and hums all the songs.  Forgive me.)

I found myself wondering how the younger people in our group would fare - and how much (if any) of the music they would find familiar.

What a great evening!  The first song was "March of the Siamese Children" from the musical "The King and I" - and recognized by my daughter.  When she was younger, we watched the animated version a LOT.   The second song was "It's a Grand Night for Singing" from "State Fair," and the COMPANY came on stage to sing.  The "company" consisted of a local high school symphonic choir and included, not 1, 2, 3, or 4 -- but 5 students that our kids knew from church.  Kinda cool.  All of a sudden the whole thing took a turn, and it didn't matter so much if my kids knew the songs - they were watching their friends perform!

Also included were songs from "South Pacific," "Carousel," and "Oklahoma."  And it WAS a grand night for singing.  There was one encore, and it was "Do Re Me" from "The Sound of Music."  Wow - we knew that one!  Everyone was encouraged to sing along, and it was a great note on which to end.

Success.  Memories recalled.  Time shared.  New memories made.  And, looking forward to the next concert in the line-up: "Holiday Pops" -- a week before Christmas!

{Side note:  I'm already thinking of how I can add these programs & tickets to my December Daily album!}


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