Monday, August 20, 2012

JOY Hangs Around Here

When we were in Charleston earlier this summer, my sweet hubby (remembering one of my favorite words: JOY) bought me two stone pendants.  Each had the word "JOY" on it, and each had a hold drilled all the way through it for hanging.  I've been thinking about what I could do with them.


The other day, I went to Michael's, and got thin leather cording, and some coordinating beads to match the purple medallion.

purple beads

I'm pretty proud of myself.  I know it's only "beginner" level as far as jewelry-making goes.  But, my goal was to create something that I'd actually wear --not to master the art of jewelry-making.


My one frustration (me being a bead-novice and all) was that when I got home, and unstrung the beads, I realized that not all of them had the same size hole in the middle.  Therefore, even though I had picked a very thin leather cording, only about 2/3 of my beads would fit.  (Have you ever had this happen to you?)  I had to adjust my plan a little bit.  Even so, I'm happy with the result.


On Sunday, I wore my new necklace to church - along with a big smile.  (You have to smile when you have JOY hanging around your neck!)

I might have to try the blue stone next... I'm wondering if I should make the same thing... or do something different?  Perhaps a keychain?  Ooooh, yes.  I like that idea.  If I follow through, I'll keep you posted.


Coming up for us this week:
Tuesday = "Connections" day for new freshmen (mandatory attendance)
<you can read about last year's adventure HERE.>
Wednesday = First Day for all other students.

*heavy sigh*  The end of an era for this (former homeschooling) mama.  I think I will probably cry hard for a few minutes, and then I'll be good.  Pretty much planning on that.

It'll sure be quiet around here!  Are your kids back in school?


  1. Embrace the quiet! (Or call your sister!)

  2. I think your necklace turned out cute and you're right~How could you not walk into church without a smile on your face with Joy hanging around you! Can't wait to see the key chain that you make.


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