Monday, August 13, 2012

Do You Ever Do This?

The power goes out.  Rats.  Can't watch my movie.  Can't run the dishwasher, or do laundry (things I should've been doing rather than watching a movie anyways).  Hmmm.  What else?  I KNOW!  I'll get some vacuuming done.  Uh, nope.  That takes power too.

Well for the past six days (but who's counting?), we've enjoyed a wide range (sense the sarcasm?) of no internet to... sketchy internet at best.  On a good day, I have six tabs set up on my screen.  The last few days (if I can get internet at ALL), I have to work everything from one tab... and then it takes reloading several times.  Let's just say there's been a heightened sense of frustration around here.

And then... I'll just check about this thing that's going on at church... on the internet.  Sorry, no internet.

Sure!  I'll Google-map that for ya!  Oops!  Sorry, no internet.

And then... we'll have a great weekend, and I'll want to share photos of my daughter's baptism with our friends on facebook, and gosh -- POKEY internet.  These photos will NEVER load!!!

So -- I'm not ignoring you.  Really!  I'm... cleaning, and organizing, and purging, and making my kids vacuum -- and clean, and organize, and purge.  HEY!  I'm the one that has to look at their rooms while they're gone all day! PLUS, THEY have no internet EITHER.  (See how that works?)  LOL

Hope ya'll are doing well and getting ready to get back in the swing.  Or are you already there?  The "party" starts a week from tomorrow at our house -- so this week is our last hurrah.

Mostly, I just wanted to say hello, and let you know we're still here.  I'd share a pretty picture of all of the exciting cleaning and organizing that's going on around here, except -- for crying out loud... this post would never publish, so I'll just play it safe.  And also -- it's not all that pretty.

Happy Monday!


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