Friday, August 24, 2012

HomeGoods Finds

The other day, I mentioned HERE that I had found some interesting items at our local HomeGoods store.  I was in search of two things -- both of them baskets.

1.  I needed a large, low-sided basket to put on top of the refrigerator.  Remember, I said that my sweet hubby tends to empty his pockets (and arms) there when he gets home?  We're talking everything from spare change to computer parts or tools.  Here's what I found to hold it all:

 I'm a little crazy about wire baskets, as I may have mentioned before.  I love the large size of this!

 I like the wooden handles as well!

I lined the basket with a pretty cotton dish towel so little things don't fall through.

2.  I also was interested in finding a narrow low-sided basket to put on the back of the toilet to hold t.p. in the downstairs powder room.  I found just what I needed.


I love the beach theme of this downstairs powder room.  It holds lots of little momentos of our beach vacations, including some favorite framed shots of the kids over the years.

Are you a HomeGoods shopper?  Our local store is across town, so I don't get there as often as I'd like -- which ultimately may be a good thing.  They have such wonderful stuff!!


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