Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's Up? 4.4

First things first:
My sweet friend, Amanda, at "i am baker" wrote THIS GREAT POST on Pinterest etiquette.  If you don't know Amanda, she is the creator of some of the most amazing cakes and sweet treats. You can go HERE to see her recipe index.  In addition, Amanda is such a thoughtful individual.  I knew that when she shared her thoughts on the subject of Pinterest that it would be worth reading -- for all of us!  I hope you'll take a minute to check it out -- and perhaps even make changes to the way you "pin."

Thanks Amanda!

And now... let's see what's up!

There's lots of new life on the trees, as well as on the hydrangea bushes.  

Some of the daffodils have wilted away after those 80 degree days with no rain and constant sun, but some hardier varieties have hung on.  This is definitely not the typical spring-time weather that they expect.

Tulips are popping up here and there.  Every year I tell myself that we need to plant more.  Maybe this will be the year - in preparation for next spring?

I was happy to see that some of the Bleeding Hearts came back.  They are a sentimental childhood favorite.

I'm loving those pink apple blossom buds -- so pretty.

How about those little seeds on the "October Glory" Maple?  Aren't they sweet?

And last but not least -- another childhood favorite... LILACS.  These are usually open some time around my sister's birthday at the end of MAY, not on April Fool's Day!!!!  I was so surprised to see a few flowers (and this is no April Fools photo!!)

So, what's up at your house?


  1. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures of mother nature's beautiful bounty and the link about Pinterest etiquette... very helpful!I enjoyed your visit and reading your loving thoughts. Happily following you back through GFC and LF. Have a wonderful day!Hugs,Poppy

  2. I liked her Pinterest etiquette thoughts. When I first started Pinning I would strictly only pin from the original source. Then I started seeing really cool photos and would just repin, without paying attention to where they had gotten the photo. Now I'm back to double checking that anything I pin is actually linking to the original source. At least half of what I see on Pinterest is NOT linking to the original source.

    Anyhow, love you bleeding hearts. Mine came up shorter than in previous years, but with just as many flowers. I think it was the warmer winter. At least they didn't die.

  3. Your pictures of beautiful, where did you learn to take such amazing shots?! I love everything you've got growing, I need to plant more myself. :)


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