Monday, April 2, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I'm pretty sure that I was supposed to clean out the cupboards underneath my kitchen sink back during WEEK TWO of 52 weeks to a more organized home.  I don't remember what happened that week, but it didn't get done.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  I KNEW that it still needed to be on the "to do" list.  Indeed.

Well, apparently there was a reason I was supposed to wait.  I happen to know that back then when I was supposed to clean it up, it was DRY under there.  Last week?  Not so much. Apparently the sprayer hose decided to spring a leak.  And so last week -- the day that I picked to go full speed ahead with that area under the sink... LAST WEEK, I found a puddle where it once was dry.

See that?  If I had done the cleaning when I was supposed to, I may not have found that little puddle until... until... Well, nevermind.  The point is, I FOUND it.

And now, not only is that area under my kitchen sink DRY, but it is TIDY as well.  I was going to show you pictures, but really?  There's really nothing pretty about it any way you look at it.

That "under the sink" area is such a catch-all at our house.  Amongst other things, I also store the vases and jars that I use for flowers under there.  So, in the midst of my project, I washed those up, and set them in the sunshine to dry.

I love getting good pictures out of the every-day things of life,
don't you?

Give it to me straight.
What have you been playing "catch-up" on lately?

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  1. That's great you got to fix the leak before it got any worse, but I really love the pictures you took of the vases, so pretty!


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