Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life Update 4.17

A quick re-do.
I subtracted a "Mickey" and added "The High"
--direct quotes from my daughter about her para-sailing experience.

Glad I had a duplicate of "The High"
so I could add my son's thoughts as well.
I thought I would use the 6x12 pages for longer stories,
but since I ended up with so much room for journaling,
I've used the 6x12's more for larger items
... in this case a receipt.

and behind that receipt?
"Stars red hot" lace cardstock from ki memories.  I found this the other day at JoAnn's, and grabbed it on a whim to fill in some empty spaces.

More scenes from Disney's private island: Castaway Cay.

Pictures of the Grand Lobby of The Disney Wonder -- all decorated for Christmas.
Notice that this journaling is typed... I did a little research on the ship, and wanted to include some facts I found.  I typed this info up on the computer and sized it to fit in the journaling spots.  By typing, I could include a lot more information in the same amount of space.  On the right -- I wanted to include a vertical photo
of the "Ariel" sculpture in the lobby.

And behind Ariel...  This is not a good shot, but just wanted to share this idea...
In hunting around on the internet, I found all of this factual information about The Disney Wonder.  I thought it would be fun to include in my album -- so I copied and pasted until I had something that would work.

More photos of the lobby...

Animator's Palate Anniversary Dinner- & a saved kids' menu.

5 x 10 = 50 years!

Everything at Animator's Palate went from black & white to full color - including the servers uniforms!

Are you weary of the cruise ship pics yet?
There are only a few more pages of those that I need to finish up,
and then it's off to The Magic Kingdom!

Stay tuned!
Lots more to come... a little more cruise,
some WDW, and Epcot too!

You can see all of my Project Life posts HERE.

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