Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Delayed Recap

Over the weekend I...

... slept in a little.

... stayed in my p.j.'s a lot (at least on Saturday, when I was *feeling a little under the weather).

... used those sad, bruised bananas to bake banana muffins, & froze them for the future.

...took Airborne, which seemed to help me bounce back.  Do you take Airborne at your house?  I've heard that there aren't really any studies supporting Airborne's claims to support your immune system, so maybe it's all just in our heads, but we swear by it around here.

... went to a Barbershop Concert.  Dad is in the Barbershop Chorus as well as in a quartet, and it's always fun to go and support him just as he and my mom have always supported our family - coming to every event that our kids participate in.

... watched no basketball.

... went to bed at a reasonable time 3 nights in a row.

... went to church, and enjoyed great worship.

... came home to a speedy hamburger and sweet potato fries lunch.

... enjoyed homemade biscotti from a dear friend.  What a treat in Chocolate Turtle, Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Lemon Blueberry, OH MY!

... was inspired by someone's colorful picture of embroidery floss, and reached for my daughter's collection to take this shot:

... drove our daughter to a Summer Missions Trip interview.  8th graders will stay in NEOhio, and participate in a week dedicated to local ministries.  Through this particular trip, they learn that they don't have to go very far from their own front door in order to serve!

... took pictures of flowers in our yard.  (I feel another installment of "What's Up?" coming!)

... drove my son to meet a friend so that they could walk to their Sunday night small group together.

... watched "Once Upon A Time" with my girl.  Did you see it?  We loved the sweet child-actress that played the young Snow White.  She was a perfect miniature of Ginnifer Goodwin, don't you think?

... ended the weekend on a better note than it began* (thankfully).

How about you?
Was your weekend filled with busy?
-- or balanced with just the right stuff?

"The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest."
(spotted recently on Facebook)


  1. I wanted to go on a drive w/ my aunts, but wasn't able to do so... maybe next time! =)

  2. I love the Airborne stuff, my husband doesn't think it works. Maybe you have to believe in it in order for it to work for you?

  3. Could I order one of your weekends? After two wonderful -but crazy busy ones - I would love to sit and watch the flowers bloom and eat biscotti that someone else baked!


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