Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All I Ever Have To Be... what God made me.
Any more or less would be a step out of His plan.

I love these words (adapted) from the song "All I Ever Have To Be" written by Gary Chapman, and sung by Amy Grant.

But, (news flash) I am human -- and in case you haven't recognized it yet today -- SO ARE YOU!  So, if you're like me, you may be thinking:
  • how easy it is for a stay-at-home mom to question those years of staying home, and think only of where her family might be (financially speaking) if she had gone to work.  
  • how easy it is for a relatively new blogger to stare at her stats and wonder if/when she will ever be able to be a money-making blogger, because every penny counts these days.
  • how easy it is for a blog-follower to read all of her favorite blogs, and compare herself to others -- her home to other's homes -- her menu plan to other's menu plans, etc.
  • and, how HARD it is to remember that:

I'm not here to boo-hoo about blog stats or my home.  I blog because I love it, and if God someday provides income because of it, I will thank him for it.  But until then, I plug away, and just share what's on my heart and mind (sort of like this, today).  I also love my home - no complaints there.  But does anyone out there, like me, sometimes just get in a "funk" and feel like you're not really keeping up with those Joneses (sorry Joneses) -- you know those people that we're not supposed to compare ourselves to?  Yes?  No?  

If yes, then you're in good company.  Well, you're in MY company -- you be the judge.

K, so this (remember) is not a boo-hoo post.  It's just a reminder to YOU (yeah, I'm pointing at YOU!) - that all you ever have to be is what God made YOU!  

What if that song said, "All you ever have to be is what God made Matilda!"  (Sorry Matilda, I'm really not trying to pick on anyone today!)  Ladies, do you catch my drift?

If God "checked in" on Google Reader each morning, I wonder if he'd say:

Jill - you go girl!
Donna - right on Target!
Nancy - doing what I urged her to do!
Sally - trying to be someone she is not... sad case.

You are uniquely YOU.
How can you compare that to anyone else?
It's apples to oranges, so to speak.

Go forth,
and be all the YOU
you can be!


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