Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Perfect?


They are a big part of a blog post.  Admit it, we all like a little visual prettiness in the middle of our reading.  There are all kinds of blog posts that admonish you about the use of pictures.  Most of all -- to USE them.

I've always taken my own pictures, and enjoy doing so.  But sometimes... well, you know - the well runs dry.  Like... in January.

From my archives.  (Thank you for asking - ha!)

Now, mind you, I've been known to ask someone if I can use an image from their blog or website.  In that case, it's someone else's image, used with permission.  This is usually only the case if I want to talk about something in particular, like a giveaway, for example.

Well, one day, in desperation, I used a photo from the Flickr "Free Use Photos" on an ordinary post of mine.  It felt strange.  Even though the photos in this particular Flickr group are available for use by anyone, it felt odd to be using someone else's work to "embellish" my own post.

Personally, I don't think I'll do it again.

Do you use all of your own images?

Are they always current - or do you sometimes pull them out of your archives?

Do you have another source that you draw from?

C'mon.  Spill the beans.


  1. Almost always use my own - but if I do use someone else's - they are always free ones and I always give credit at the bottom.

  2. I've never used anyone else's photos. Mostly because it just never occurred to me. I normally just blog about my family and my stuff, so if I have a picture to go with it, I post it. If I don't, I don't. Never thought about free use photos....until now, that is. ;)

  3. Great question, Sally -- I almost always use my own photographs. It lends such a personal touch to a blog, don't you agree? I think it's perfectly fine to use a photo from the archives, especially this time of year. Great image above! :)

  4. Hi Sally:
    I use my own photos; I'm too paranoid that I might "get in trouble" using someone else's! I love taking photos and my family gets a laugh out of helping me set up a shot when I ask them!


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