Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Pinterest: Orange Sherbet Cake

Here's my original PIN.

I found the idea at It's On The Tip of My Tongue.
(This is Sarah's "orange sherbet" variation.)

Sarah found the recipe at What Makes Savanah Smile.
(Savanah's version uses diet 7-Up, and is called "Soda Cake Cupcakes.")

I pinned this idea several months back.  Recently, when my daughter was browsing through my pins, she spotted it again, and decided that she would like to make this for her birthday cake this year.  SHE.  Meaning, Mom was not allowed to make the cake!! MY DAUGHTER used the sugar-free cake mix, and diet orange Sunkist, just like Sarah.  SHE added no egg whites, and SHE made sure that she only "whisked for 30 seconds" as Sarah recommended, because you know... we had THIS surprise outcome.

We served the cake up (with some rainbow sherbet) to family members when they joined us to celebrate my daughter's birthday.  They all loved it.  There wasn't a crumb left!

One thought about the cake:  my daughter (like Sarah) decided not to add the egg whites that Savanah recommended.  Here's what I read about egg whites: "Reducing or omitting egg whites can result in less volume."  I would have to say that the cake did not rise much. The egg whites might have been a good idea.  Next time, we'll make that adjustment.

After birthday presents were opened, I went to the kitchen to find candles.  I may or may not have forgotten why I was there, and CUT THE CAKE instead.  (Oh brother!)  When I finally remembered the candles, I had neither "regular" candles, nor the correct numbers. Yeah.  I guess "1" and "4" candles never made it to the shopping list, and I keep forgetting that I took the regular birthday candles to my sisters one time when SHE forgot to buy candles.  (Guess it runs in the family, ay?)

(Ahem...) So, I got creative.  Can you see how I got 14?  (12+1+1)  And guess what?  Let's eat, because some smart person has already CUT the cake!

It got a little crazy serving 12 adults and 10 kiddos (and living in the moment), and the whole idea of picture-taking was forgotten -- so, there's a great picture of a piece of the cake over at Sarah's.

This Project Pinterest = Success.  (Thanks Sarah!)

Here are the guidelines for Project Pinterest: 
1. Decide which pin on Pinterest you’d like to recreate.
2. Create it!
3. Flop or success, create a blog post about your re-do and include the original pin’s url.
4. Add the Project Pinterest button to your post so others can join in too!
5. Link up and check out other bloggers’ posts!

I'm also joining the "Friday Food Fight" at Run DMT.


  1. I guess that overall it was a huge success! I agree with the egg white additions. The cake is a little on the flat side, but still so yummy!

  2. LOL! Nice math equation candles! :) ...and I am always forgetting what I was going to do. Rowan says "Mommy, are you forgetting something?!" to me multiple times per day.

    So glad the cake turned out good....and happy birthday to your daughter!! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    This cake sounds so yummy! My dad looooves diet orange soda, I think this would be a great cake for his birthday next week! That is too funny about the candles. We are always forgetting them! We've actually put candlestick candles shoved into a cake before!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! Love the clever math with candles!

    This cake sounds interesting and I'd definitely like to try it. It sounds perfectly light for the summer months.

    I host a foodie linky party called Friday Food fight. I would love for you to link up and share your sugar-free soda cupcakes. Hope to see you in the ring!


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