Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photos From a Snowy Morning

Last week, it seemed as if spring had arrived here.

Crazy teenage boys (never saw him before in my life) were seen hanging out car windows and "WooHoo-ing" with joy.

We knew, of course, that it was way too early -- but one can hope, right?  With the exception of the rather large piles of snow plowed into our front yard, all of the snow had melted!  The driveway was officially no longer a skating rink.

But -- yesterday was "back to reality."  We got hammered.  The roads were covered, slippery, and slushy.  A normally twenty-minute drive took me fifty minutes.  The expressway traffic was at a slow crawl - about 10mph.  Parts of the interstate were later closed due to so many jack-knifed trucks.  One article called it a "jack-knifed truck forest."  There's a mental picture for you.

Of course, this morning, the tendency was to want to stay in jammies inside where it was warm.  But...that's not where the pictures were.  Outside, it is a beautiful, sunny day.  And, the more that sun shines, the quicker all the icy pictures melt away and get missed.  I couldn't let that happen now, could I?  Here are some of the shots I was able to get.

My Sweet Shot:  Love the untouched snow below, the pattern above.
Sweet Shot Day

And...just for fun!
Stay warm wherever you are, and have a great day!

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  1. Living in Florida, I alway wish I had snow to photograph. I do love the chair, too.


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