Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Sweet Treat... Just the thing!

I suppose that today may have been a big disappointment in the birthday department -- although our sweet daughter never said as much.

The original plan for our day (pre-storm) was to do schooling at home, and go to a dinner meeting and youth group, etc. at church tonight.  There was no birthday-dinner-plan for at home.  {A family party is planned for the weekend.}

Well, the storm changed everything.  Church was canceled, and I made a big pot of beef-vegetable soup at the last minute.  The soup was great on this cold, cold day -- but was not the meatloaf and mashed potatoes that my girl usually requests for her birthday dinner.  I told her I'd make it up to her.

Dinner seemed anti-climatic.  We ate soup.  We gave her her gifts.  But there was no cake.  No snow-plan, really.

So, I got this bright idea.  (Uh-huh, I had a NAP today!)  I remembered a discussion we had the other day about some Bisquick Cinnamon Biscuits that we really liked.  The mix comes in a pouch, but we can no longer find it in our area (if they even make it anymore).  If you know me, you know what I did next.  I Googled it... found the Bisquick website... did a recipe search, and found THIS.  Hurray!  [Love the internet!]

So tonight, while my dear daughter is oblivious, I am making these little biscuits as an evening birthday surprise!  I think it will be a nice little snow-day surprise for everyone.

Recipe notes:  As you can see from the photo, we did not add the raisins.  Also, there is a glaze that goes with this recipe.  I didn't make the glaze.  The biscuits were so yummy, but next time, I might sprinkle just the littlest amount of cinnamon sugar on top of each little button-biscuit before baking!

~To those of you effected by the storm~
I hope that you are safe and sound at home,
keeping cozy with the ones you love.

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  1. Hi Sally! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry things didn't work out as planned but those cinnamon biscuits look pretty darn good! I like that your daughter's favourite birthday meal is meat loaf and mashed potatoes, my birthday meal is shepherd's pie!


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