Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seeing Red

 Photo Challenge ~ Red
You may have read my story the other day.
My daughter had started out on the ice ahead of us.
So, when she circled around the rink, she noticed my husband
kneeling down on the ice helping someone.
Of course, she thought her daddy was being kind to someone in need.
As she got closer, she saw a red hoodie,
and some ridiculous red polka-dot gloves,
and realized,
{Apparently the ridiculous red polka-dot gloves
have come in handy after all
 -- for identification purposes!
Just sayin'}

A remnant of an "airsoft" battle between friends in our basement.
Of course, it was long forgotten on the floor.
I spotted it yesterday.
I saw red.
(For this photo challenge, I mean!)
Though it is a tiny bead,
I couldn't resist trying to get a macro shot of it.

A refrigerator magnet
holds an important reminder
for the weekend.

Join the fun.


  1. Love the shot of the glove, but the airshot bead is GREAT! Nice macro!

  2. Love the gloves! and the shots!

  3. I love your gloves! My sis always buys the crazies gloves because that way she never looses them. Just sayin'! :D

  4. Great photos. And I absolutely love your blog header! Did you do it yourself?

  5. Nice shots! I love how you captured everyday things and had a little story to go with each picture.

  6. @Tracy
    Thanks Tracy! I did "do" my own blog header. I found the free artwork @, and I added my Title using Glad you like it! The little dandelion on the side is part of a standard blogger template. =)

  7. I love the gloves- for that exact reason. & they make me smile.

  8. Great shots! I love the second one :)

  9. What great red shots! And yes I know how tiny that ball is as my kids find them at the park and pick them up all of the time, that is a great shot.

    Cute gloves :)

  10. cute gloves!!! nice shots-love the little magnet man!

  11. These are beautiful! Great captures.

  12. Great captures! Love the marble!

  13. Great gloves, great capture, great story!

  14. Ohhh I do love those gloves!! Love the story with the photo!


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