Monday, February 28, 2011

Friendship Waltzes In...

It happened on Wednesday.  I realized that I had misplaced a special bracelet.  It was nowhere to be found.  The last time I remembered wearing it for sure was on Sunday.  Thursday I looked.  Friday I looked -- baffled by the fact that it hadn't shown up yet.  As a rule, I don't take my jewelry off and lay it down -- unless on my desk, or put-away on my dresser, and it wasn't in either of those places.  Saturday, I wasn't at home much, and didn't really think about it.  But this morning... Well, this morning I would've put it on to go to church, but instead, I was reminded that it is still missing.  Again I was sad.

The bracelet was a Mother's Day/Birthday gift.  A charm bracelet.  I received more charms at Christmas, and was on my way to a lovely collection -- each charm significant in some way.

On Twitter, I wrote: 

*  Next task: going through the kitchen garbage to see if I dropped my Pandora bracelet there.

*  No Pandora bracelet amidst the coffee grounds & chicken bones. Phooey. Where on earth can it be?

*  I know we're not supposed to "hold tightly" to things of this earth... but am I the only one who sometimes DOES?

Sweet Charity (also known as Cha Cha) at Sit Relax and Read commented that she wished me luck - she knew from experience that this was hard (and she was right).

Later, I found another Twitter message from her: "Just prayed 4 U 2 remember whr U left it..."  I was struck at her thoughtfulness in sending me these words.

I knew that Cha Cha was having a Sentimental Sunday, and I commented that I would not be participating (with a linked post) because I was too busy feeling sentimental about my bracelet.  I told her that I felt silly being so upset by this.

Moments later, I found this in my e-mail: "If it did not bother you, you would not be a good steward of what you have.  You know it is not your real treasure but it is a symbol of some of your real treasure's love for you.  My heart does ache for you, and I do hope you find it.  ~Cha Cha"

I was reduced to tears -- crying a little bit for my lost bracelet, and a lot in gratitude for this sweet friend who took the time to send me some encouraging words.

Sometimes friendship waltzes in 
through the back door
and is standing in your kitchen
before you even have time to put the water on for tea.

Friendship can come to us in surprising ways!
Blogger friendship is a blessing.

 Please visit Cha Cha.
She's a gem!

03/03/11 UPDATE:  My bracelet has been found!  My dear daughter just pulled it out of a large bag of candy I had purchased to make banquet favors!  The bag sat here at the foot of my desk, was on my desk at church for a week, and came home again with us last night.  My daughter discovered the bracelet just now as we were finishing up the favors.  Thanks to Cha Cha, Suz, my family, and others who said a little prayer.


  1. Awwww, now I am in tears. I just read another friends post title Why Do You Blog? I was ready to over think that question, but this is why I blog--for friendship, for encouragement, for support, to be God's hand, and words. Thank you for encouraging me that a blogger can have purpose other than screaming look at what I have done, I struggle with this. You have blessed me today and I am honored to call you friend.

    Cha Cha

  2. How lovely, thoughtful, and J.O.Y.-ful of Cha Cha. I, too, hope and pray you find your charm bracelet. I have my grandmother's and hardly wear it for fear of losing it. Some of the charms are from early in her marriage and she was married more than 73 years to my Grandpa. Almost unheard of now! Btw- This is also getting my creative juices flowing on how I want and need to document the things I cherish from my grandma. So, thank you for posting and inspiring me!
    Take care you!


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