Sunday, February 20, 2011

Epic Fail ~ Don't Take God for Granted!

Today in our Adult Bible Fellowship class we talked a little about missed opportunities.

Someone shared an e-mail from a friend (meant to be shared).  It was about being downtown, and running into someone who was unemployed, and looking for a way to pay for formula for his baby.  Money was given, because the giver interpreted the request as genuine.  The giver mentioned in the e-mail that he had a tender heart for hungry children.  A phone number and address was offered to the giver - a way of saying "thank you, I will repay."  The giver declined, and asked the man to pay it forward when he could.  The two men parted.

The e-mail went on to say that moments later, the giver realized that he had missed an opportunity.  You see, at church, we've been talking a lot about always having an answer ready when people ask about the hope that is in us (I Peter 3:15-16).  The giver didn't mention his tender heart for hungry children to the man.  He didn't mention God.  Nothing.  It wasn't until the man walked away, and the giver had time to reflect, that he realized he'd missed his opportunity.  In the quickness of the moment, he hadn't reacted as he'd hoped to in such a situation.

And I
was so convicted,
thinking about
my little list of 7
posted HERE.

Didn't mention God.
Epic fail (as my kids would say).

Because, you see, God is at the very core of who I am.
He's in my little profile "blurb" at the top left of my blog.
I guess I made an assumption.
And yet -- really?
Not ONE mention in a list of 7?
He should've been my ONLY mention in a list of 1.

HE is the reason that I even FOUND my wonderful hubby of 18 years.
HE is the reason that we HAVE two amazing kids,
and that we HAVE the freedom to homeschool.
HE is the reason I was blessed enough to GO to college, and complete a degree.
HE is the reason I got THROUGH math classes, and LOVED my job.
HE is the reason that I am blessed to BE a SAHM, and love on my kids all day.
HE is the reason we were LED to a vacation spot that we dearly love.
HE is the reason that my sweet hubby HAD a sweeter granny
who taught him about baking.

Enough said?
Mmmm, probably NOT.
But - at least now, I have given HIM the credit for everything that is my life -- and for the HOPE that is in me.

Where is your hope?
I am a sinner, saved by grace.
My hope is in the Lord.
You can read more HERE.



  1. I don't ever want to take God for granted...not after He's given me so much..great post.


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