Saturday, June 1, 2013

So Proud ~ Senior Edition

I'm not sure there are words to adequately describe my feelings.  Proud doesn't begin to cover it.  I'm sure our son will give us additional reasons to be proud in future days, but right now... honestly?  I can't imagine being any prouder.  I'm about to burst.

Our education journey has been a long, often fun, sometimes frustrating, nail-biting one.  The fact that we are finally here at this Graduation mile-marker (the day after, in fact) is H-U-G-E to this mama's heart.


I suppose every parent goes through this.  Maybe.  But, perhaps it's because I had a hand in the education of our son that the miracle feels so over-large to me.  And... I am so awestruck and grateful.

I will forever be thankful for the teachers who took over for me when I could not push him any more without pushing him away.  They are my heroes.  He is my hero.


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