Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Garden Tour

On Memorial Day weekend, I walked around the perimeter of my parents' yard to check out what was up. Their yard is so green and peaceful.  My dad works really hard to keep it looking beautiful.  Mom helps him with the big projects like transporting mulch and raking leaves, but the yard is really Dad's "baby."  We are blessed to be able to spend time there, enjoying many summer meals on their deck.  The yard is surrounded by mature trees, and receives (for the most part) only filtered sunlight during the day.  Therefore, most of the plants that Dad has selected are shade-loving.  He does lots of research on what will work in the yard, and has become a big fan of hostas -- even to the point of picking ones with family names!  It's fun to walk around the yard and see how he has labeled them.  Though most of the plants are "just green," you'll notice that Dad has also added fun splashes of color in strategic spots around the yard in the way of flowers, and yard ornaments.

Here's my mini "tour" from Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy!


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