Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Cloche

Last year for Christmas, my sister, Jill, gave me this cute cloche.  Included with the gift were some small ornaments, a candle, iridescent snow sprinkles and larger snowflakes, a glittery eucalyptus branch, a little ceramic bird, and a moss mat.  She dared me to be creative.

Since then, I have set up several little scenes using the gifted items, and some of my own trinkets.  In fact, one scene became the object of a little joke.  One day, my hubby walked by and put "a little something extra" inside the cloche, making it part of the scene.  You know, just a tiny knick-knack that was close by.  He wanted to see how long it would take for me to notice.  [Come live at my house.  There's never a dull moment!]  Anyway, I'm pretty sure that was during the summer (when I was working every day), and I'm sad to say that by the time I noticed, he had long forgotten his prank!

Well, the cloche is finally getting it's due.

Thanks for the wonderful gift, Jill!

I love how it sparks my creativity... seasonally!

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