Friday, January 17, 2014

God's Winter Paintbrush

The other week when it was so snowy, my daughter and I were out shoveling the driveway as the snow fell.  We stopped to look at individual snowflakes on our sleeves, indescribable in their beauty.  How amazing to think how many of those little beauties it takes to cover the world in white.  More amazing to think of them each being a unique creation!

The snow was falling too quickly that day to take in-focus pictures of the snowflakes [believe me, we tried], but on one of the most frigid days, I took these frosty photos from the comfort of my home.  Very "sporting" of me to go to such lengths, right?  Well, I just knew you wouldn't want me to be too cold...

Hoping you are warm & cozy today!

Just one more sleep, and it's "wheels up" for my sis and I.  We'll be off to "sunny Florida" while our sweet families hold down the fort here at home.

I don't know what next week will bring here at the blog.  I'll try to keep you in the loop at some point along the way, but it may turn out to be a vacation "review" when I get home.

I am planning to share a family tale one day next week while I'm off being a tourist.  I hope you'll stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, enjoy some examples of God's winter paintbrush!


  1. I'll enjoy yours. None here. No one can do what God can!

  2. Love those natural textures! Have fun in Florida!


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