Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be in Prayer.

I hope you all are staying cozy today.  We are on our THIRD inclement weather day, and our daughter is still waiting to finish up her second day of exams to end the semester.  It seems it's the semester that will not end.

Yesterday, we used our day off wisely, and went to get my girl her "temps."  She will be 16 on Sunday, and has been waiting patiently for the right moment.  Yesterday was finally the time.  She is desperately wanting to get out and do some driving.  I'm trying to encourage her that these days are better for snuggling under blankets at home.  I'll let you know who wins.

The roads around here are not bad.  It hasn't snowed since Saturday, so road crews have [for the most part] had time to catch up.  This morning's news reports were not particularly encouraging when it came to the roads between here and Florida, though.  My parents will be traveling those roads at the end of the week, and I would appreciate your prayers for them.

There are so many others that need our prayers as well.  Many are stranded on the highways, while some have slept somewhere other than their own beds in order to stay out of harm's way.  Strange highway scenes abound on the news.

All photos: Colony Cottage Recreation Center at The Villages, Florida

One friend's hubby is a Georgia teacher that stayed overnight at school with children that were not able to be picked up in the storm.  Power is now out.  Prayers would be appreciated.

Another [southern] friend's hubby abandoned his car after seven-plus hours in traffic and walked home.  While she was thankful for his safety, this friend reminded us to pray for those who are still stranded -- be it on the roads, or in schools... wherever.

Be safe.  Be smart.  Be in prayer.


  1. I agree be safe, be smart, be in prayer, we are iced and snowed in,the ice covered porches,walkways and roadways are so dangerous! Good luck to your daughter on this milestone, for sure there will be more prayers from her loved ones, I so remember when I got mine, and I also remember when our kids got theirs, mine was so much more fun.
    I will be praying for those without electricity, ad for those stranded.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This Winter has brought misery upon many.... My daughter lives in Knoxville and the snow had kids trapped at school....she was used to driving in snow being from Ky so went and picked up her kids and several others....I feel for all those who had to be separated from parents.......and stranded on the roads.. I saw where Chick-fa-la was taking food to those stranded....stay safe and warm... Blessings!


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