Friday, January 31, 2014

The Big Weekend is Coming!

I'm still not quite "in the groove" around here since returning from my trip.  It's been a wonky week.  One planned day off school, and two inclement weather days.  All three of those days meant no rocking babies for me, since all the mamas and babies were staying home to keep warm as well.

It's been a sort of second winter break for us, and we did some running (of errands, don't think we're getting all crazy around here), and some snuggling under blankets holding cups of tea and hot chocolate.  All that to say that it seems that not much has gotten done around here.

The catch-up with laundry is going S-L-O-W.  So glad I was up to the minute on laundry before I left for Florida!

AND, this is our big birthday party weekend!  Our daughter will be SIXTEEN on Sunday, and I know what you're thinking: how can this be possible???  Oh, that wasn't what you were thinking?  Well, believe me, it's the question that's been on my mind.  You might remember that I told you she got her temps the other day.  The next day, I took her out to one of our church's campuses -- where there is a big empty parking lot.  It was her very first driving experience, and in the short time that she circled around, braked, parked, and etc., there was already great improvement.  Doesn't she look happy in that picture below?  That was taken right after I got out of the driver's seat, and she got in.  Don't worry.  I was in the passenger seat the whole time she was practicing.

There's been a lot of "fluffing of the nest" in anticipation of a house full of birthday party revelers.  Some of our old favorites have found a new home.  There's still lots of winter decor around the house (afterall, we're still very much in the middle of winter!), and there are touches of red everywhere as a nod to Valentine's Day.  

New curtains are in the line-up for the living room and kitchen [remember this FB post?]  -->

So, I got a great deal on some living room curtains @ Penneys [don't have them yet] and I really hope that we like them because... I totally removed the old window treatment, washed it (a swag), and put it in the Goodwill pile. Hey people. I'm on a roll.  

but I don't know if we'll have time for a curtain-hanging project before the party, so I am keeping Nester's favorite line in mind: "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."  I'm not stressing about it.

What's new with you?


  1. A happy birthday to Miss Sweet Sixteen! Have a fun party!

  2. That is a big weekend! At first I thought you were referring to the Super Bowl, but didn't remember that you were that into football :) Have a wonderful party. Curtains or not!

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Sixteen is such a milestone!
    And a driving permit? How exciting!!!!
    p.s. When my boys were learning, they would laugh at me for pushing a non-existent brake pedal on the passenger side. I couldn't help it! Driving lessons were so stressful for me......

  4. I am lagging behind on visiting, so please forgive me! Ah, she looks so pleased with herself behind that wheel! LOL... Happy birthday to your cute and sweet daughter!


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