Monday, January 27, 2014


The reports from Ohio were not good as we waited in the Orlando airport on Saturday, but announcements on the airport's P.A. system said there were no delays.  I was more concerned about what was going on at home, and whether or not my sweet hubby and daughter would actually be able to make it to the airport at home to pick us up.

I shouldn't have worried.  My husband is fearless -- our daughter too.  They put on all of their warmest outer-gear, and were waiting outside the baggage claim area after we had picked up our suitcases.  Absolutely no waiting involved.  Seamless.  I should have known.

You know that feeling?  When you are in "return mode" from a trip, and can't wait to finally reach your destination... even if it IS just back to reality?  I was in that mode.  Couldn't wait to see my sweet family. Couldn't wait to hear about THEIR adventures.  Couldn't wait to hear about Daddy grilling outside in 10 degrees.  And about all of the shopping they did.  (My hubby loves a good after Christmas/January clearance bargain.)  This year, his finds included a duplicate of a favorite furry "throw" blanket that we all try to get "dibs" on, and long-johns.  Yes.  Really.  And yes, thank you.  They are cozy.  LOL.

While my family just sat and smiled at me, I emptied the dishwasher, and reorganized the kitchen drawers after my hubby said, "You'll find things put away... everywhere!"  (meaning: everywhere they DON'T belong.  Hey -- at least they were put away!!)

We talked about where I had eaten (out) all week while I was away, and what THEIR menu was.  I left a note reminding them of three leftover or pre-made dinners that were waiting for them in the freezer, however, they did their own thing (remember the grilling?), and I returned home to three freezer meals still available for ME to use.  I don't mind not cooking for a few more days!

No baby-rocking at church this morning.  Schools are cancelled.  It's cold.  At not even 10AM, we've reached our high today, and temps are headed back down!  Time to thaw one of those freezer meals, and snuggle in the new blanket.

It's good to be home!

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  1. Coming home is one of the best parts of traveling! Welcome back...


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