Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year. Same God.

^^ That's what the sign outside a neighborhood church read the other day.  It reminded me that whatever comes our way in this new year, it won't surprise God -- including this crazy-nuts* weather.

My.  Word.  It's cold!

I have to admit... today, I am so thankful that we are all tucked in at home.  My hubby is working from home. My son is off today.  School was cancelled for my daughter, and my Tuesday baby-rocking doesn't start until next week!

Our son was having some car issues that have been resolved.  On Sunday, he dropped the car off for an appointment on Monday.  I took him to work Monday afternoon, and he was able to drive home a good-as-new car on Monday night.  [thankful!]

As I write this, it is hovering around -10F with a wind-chill somewhere around -30 -- which is actually a warm-up from the-15 I saw on the thermometer at midnight..  Hard to believe that Sunday evening it was a balmy 36F and raining.  The rain melted a lot of the snow, and by Monday morning, there was only a dusting more, so SNOW hasn't really been an issue.  They say there will be more blowing than accumulation at this point.

Last night, my daughter came and gave me a hug saying, "everyone will be tucked in together tomorrow."  Not literally, of course [although we'll see where those temps go!  LOL] --- but she sure does think like her mama!

Oh, and another thing to be thankful for?  I live in NE Ohio -- where we like to say this [in one form or another]: 

 "Don't like the weather?  Wait a minute."

Right now?  The wind has died, and the sun is shining.  Who knows what's coming next.  [God does.]


By the way, if your house has been making strange noises during these extreme temperature transitions, you might be interested to read THIS ARTICLE shared by a friend on Facebook.  We've definitely heard some noises around here!


  1. I sure heard those noises yesterday at my home and my son's. Crazy. Yes, in Ohio the weather changes in a minute. Let's hope it changes to warmer in a couple of days as predicted. Our pump has frozen and we have NO water. We can't flush either. Now that's the worse part. But thank the good Lord we have heat. Stay warm.

  2. Oh that was interesting! I have heard some snaps and pops. The thing about staying off roofs cracks me up. In a perfect world, it's great advice. In the real world? Not always possible.

    Hope that you're all enjoying being cozy at home together!

  3. It is supposed to be in the 60s here by the weekend, LOL! We'll get through the cold snap, and in a few months, we'll be complaining about the heat. We are so fickle!


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